About TreeTributes

Treetributes is the tribute business that supplies memorial trees, ceremonial trees and engraved spades and plaques directly to customers in the UK and Ireland. We also work in partnership with businesses in the funeral sector.

Treetributes was developed by Tree2mydoor Ltd, the award winning tree gifts company, to offer a range of quality memorial and ceremonial products that are better for our environment and that will stand the test of time.

Treetributes is operated from the offices of Tree2mydoor Ltd in Manchester, UK.

The business only currently operates in the UK and Ireland, however, plans are in place to develop internationally to mainland Europe, the USA and Canada.

Why Treetributes?

Until Tree2mydoor was established in 2003, a company did not exist that could offer a range of memorial trees for people to plant in their own gardens or special places of their choosing. So, Tree2mydoor developed the name Treetributes to represent it’s special memorial products and services.

Planting a tree as a tribute offers our customers an natural long lasting living alternative to wreaths and flowers.

Make your tribute a Treetribute!